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Our Personalized Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift For Her. Create One In Just A Few Clicks!

A Gift So Thoughtful And Personal, It’s Magical.

She LOVES To Read!

Most books are read by women, not men.  It’s a fact.

Surprise you?!

According to Nielson Book Research, women buy more novels than men in every genre except fantasy, horror and science fiction.   

So what better gift to give her than a book?

Keep in mind though, your choice of book says a lot more than “Happy Birthday”.  Are you getting her best seller or an indie title?  A romance book?  A crime novel?  Be careful.

If she’s an avid reader, there’s a good chance she has a Kindle

Don’t get me wrong, physical books are great, but what woman wants to lug around a huge book that barely fits in her purse.  By giving her a Kindle book, she can read it anywhere and she’ll thank you every time she pulls it up.  With millions of titles to choose from, you have an outstanding opportunity to treat her to a new author or the books she’s been wanting to read.

She may have all the pants she wants, but she’ll never have all the books.

Gift Cards for Women – Do’s and Don’ts

For the most part…. Don’t.

She doesn’t need Starbucks.  She gets it herself.

She doesn’t need to be forced into a single store to shop like the Gap.

Walmart is not a gift for her.  (Nothing says “I love you” like a plastic juice pitcher.)

Let’s be honest, women want something personal.  Most gift cards are insincere and show her that you put little to no thought into her gift.

But Not Anymore…

Save time and money with our personalized, custom gift cards. We guarantee the perfect gift-giving experience.  When it comes to gift cards for women, there is no better choice.  Our cards show not only that you thought about their gift, but that it’s personal just for her.

Surprise The Woman In Your Life With A Unique Gift Card For Her!

With our personalized gift card, there’s no need to waste time at the grocery store picking out a greeting card.

The greeting card aisle is filled with unfunny, overpriced cards that never quite say what you want.  They are either too sappy. Too stupid. Or just not your style.  And yet, you have to spend 30+ minutes reading ALL of them to find the most acceptable card for her.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I like to spend my time.


Create a personalized gift card with the heartfelt message you’ve been dying to say all year long.  Customize your card with your personal message and seal it with a hand-written note from you.

Additionally, you can customize the front of the card with the Kindle book you chose and a themed image for the occasion.  Select from dozens and dozens of holiday images, beautiful art, or funny photos.

Best of all, we’ll even mail the card for you to ensure your loved one unexpectedly finds that something special in her mailbox.  What a great way to surprise them!

Kindlebookgiftcards.com offers the total package.  Custom cards for all occasions— just choose the type of Kindle book you’re gifting and we’ll handle the rest. 

Think of how special the gift will be when it’s written with your own words.  You can’t give them that same experience with the alternative: a lame Amazon redemption email.

Make Her Special Day Unforgettable

Create A Custom Kindle Card Now