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The Perfect Gift Card For Mom

A Custom Gift Card To Give Kindle books

Surprise Mom With
A Special Gift For Her

You want to give Mom a meaningful gift.

You’ve done the arts and crafts. The coupon books.  Perfume. Clothes. Jewelry.

But she doesn’t need any more “stuff.”  In fact, she says she doesn’t “need anything.”  Or only “just wants a card.”

That won’t do!  She’s your mother, dammit!

You want to get her something, but you REALLY don’t what.  And, if you’re anything like me, you really don’t want to spend 30+ minutes looking for that perfect card.  They never say exactly the right thing, the “joke” ones are lame, and frequently they are a waste of your time and money.

However…Does she love to read?  Heck yeah! Does she need another hardback for the shelf?  Heck no!

More and more women are getting a Kindle to satisfy their love to read.  It’s wonderful for reading books. Not so wonderful for gifting books.  When you buy a Kindle book as a gift, all you have to give them is a redemption email which is lackluster at best.  (And please don’t print it out.  That’s even more lame.) 

So instead, surprise your mother with a personalized, custom gift card for her Kindle book. Send her a physical card she can put on the fridge like your old report card.

It’s a Gift Card and Greeting Card in one!

Kindlebookgiftcards.com is the only retailer in the world that offers personalized, custom gift cards for kindle books. Send a custom card to your Mom with just a few clicks.  It couldn’t be easier and quicker!

No more wandering the bookstore for a title.  No more searching the grocery store for an unexciting, bland greeting card. 

Our service allows you to completely customize your gift card. 

You start by selecting the ebook title you want.  Then, customize the front of the gift card with a themed image for the occasion.  Select from dozens and dozens of holiday images, beautiful art, or funny photos.

And the best part…

Personalize the back with a heartfelt message and handwritten note. We will even mail the card for you. 

The whole process only takes minutes and is done completely online.  How much easier could it get?!

And let’s be honest, for about the same price, a custom card from us is SO MUCH BETTER than sending her that sad redemption email inside a Snoopy card.

Put the Personal Touch Back into e-Gifts

In the past 10 years, the number of first-class letters has dropped over 50%.  All we ever seem to get these days is junk mail and bills.

In an age of Facebook (or Instagram if Mom is hip), the personal touch of communication has all but disappeared.  You text Mom “Happy Birthday” or post it on her timeline.  You send her a funny gif in her email.  For you, maybe that’s enough.

Most mothers were born before the internet.

They showed love through letters and notes, not emails and texts.  Yes, you can call, but the call only lasts until you hang up.  There’s nothing to hang on to.  And believe me, Mom is not re-reading that email you sent her 5 years ago.

Take back the mailbox!

Show Mom that you really care by giving her an envelope she can open with a meaningful gift inside.  Take her back to before the Internet and Smart Phones.

Give her that joy of opening her mail again and she’ll treasure it forever. 

Give an Unforgettable Gift.