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A Personalized & Handwritten Amazon Gift Card For Men Who Love Kindle Books

The best gift card idea for him yet.


The perfect present for men who love to read.

Buying for men can be notoriously difficult.  What to gift a man who “wants nothing”?

You’ve given him socks.  The tie.  The gadgets and gizmos he never uses.  He buys tools for himself when he needs them and doesn’t wear jewelry.  He’s no help giving suggestions. So, what’s left? 


Many men love to read, so books are the perfect gift for him.  Even if he is very well read, there are always new titles. New authors.  Simply put, there is always something new and interesting to find on Amazon.

You could buy him a printed book, but doesn’t he have enough “stuff” already?

So many men already own a Kindle – it satisfies their love of electronics, minimalism AND books.  So, you could instead send him a Kindle book, but you can’t wrap the redemption email.  And just printing out the email is…well…pathetic.

Here’s the solution:  Kindle Book Gift Cards!

Our gift cards are the perfect gift for a book reader. You can choose from zillions of Kindle books – Thrillers, Histories, Sci Fi / Fantasy and so much more.  There is guaranteed to be something new for him to explore.

Once you have chosen a title you think would be the perfect gift for him, select a photograph or artistic background from the many that are available.  There are wonderful graphics to compliment any occasion or book title. And finally, the personal touch.

Handwritten Note Included

You love a good card. It lets you say exactly what you want to him.  To express how you feel.

But how many cards do you have to go through to find the perfect one for him?  This card is too offensive.  That card is too sappy.  He hates Snoopy.  It can be exhausting.

Here, every gift card includes a free handwritten note printed directly on the card. Personalize his custom card with a short message or drawing that expresses exactly how you feel.  Get creative just like you would on a greeting card. 

Want to say even more?  With our gift cards, you can also add a personal message for free to complete the package. 

Custom graphic, personal note, handwritten message – our gift cards have them all.

It’s like sending both a greeting card and gift card in one!

Once you place your order, we make the gift cards by hand, and print a custom envelope to package them up.  Then we mail it to your recipient for their big surprise! 


Hand-Delivered in the Mail

There is nothing more exciting than tearing open an envelope and discovering the sweet, sweet contents inside.

“Check your email” doesn’t even come close to being a gift of that magnitude.

Keep in mind, Dad and Grandpa grew up WITHOUT EMAILWITHOUT TEXT MESSAGES.

For older folks, good ol’ fashioned mail was how people communicated and showed love.  They would write each other letters and postcards, not posts on their Facebook page or through a text message.

Show him that you know him by giving him something he’s lost – a surprise in the mail.  Give him something that he hasn’t had for years to really get to his heart and put a grin on his face.

Present the Kindle book you painstakingly chose mailed straight to his mailbox. Just be sure that there is someone on hand to capture it all on camera.

Kindle Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift For Him